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Gudrun Lax Semi Permanent Make Up

Welcome to Gudrun Lax Semi Permanent Make Up, a world of perfect eyebrows, attractive eyes and sensual lips. Semi Permanent Make Up, also known as permanent make up or micro pigmentation, is an aesthetic procedure with the aim to beautify, rejuvenate, balance and harmonise the contours of the face resulting in elegant, natural, fresh and youthful appearance which will make you feel confident and happy.

Semi permanent make up is the art of implanting medical grade pigments into the upper dermal layer of the skin in the eyebrows, eyeliner or lips…permanent as pigment molecules will remain in the skin even if not visible to the naked eye and semi permanent because the pigment colour density fades over time requiring a colour boost retouch treatment approximately once a year.

Semi permanent make up will enhance your beauty and define your contours whether you have sparse or over plucked eyebrows or would like to enhance your natural good brows to make then become great brows. Eyes can be brought to life with a little enhancement from a very fine eyeliner or lash enhancement to a full latino liner and eye shadow. Lips can also have a perfect finish from a ‘nude, barely there’ blush to full lip colour that will discreetly plump up the look of your lips giving them a more sensual and youthful appearance.

Gudrun Lax North Wales Semi Permanent Make Up

About Gudrun

Gudrun Lax has over 10 years experience as a semi permanent make up technician. She continually strives to give the safest, most professional treatments, using computerised medical grade technology and pharmaceutical grade pigments to beautify, rejuvenate, balance and harmonise the contours of your face.

Gudrun regularly attends masterclass training and is always aiming to reach the highest standards in her profession, as only the best training and experience will give the best results …and experience really does matter.

Gudrun holds regular clinics throughout North Wales at Menai Bridge, Llandudno, Craig y Don, Rhos-on-Sea, Denbigh & Porthmadog.

Feel good about yourself all day, every day, with an elegant, natural, fresh, youthful appearance that will make you feel happy and confident!

To find out more please contact Gudrun on 07722 421 801 or click here to contact her via email

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